Speed Addiction and Abuse in Somerset Somerset

What Is Speed In Somerset?

Speed is the slang term for the Class B drug amphetamine sulphate. In some cases, speed is a term used in identifying other terms of amphetamines.

Speed has stimulative effects and users take it to stay awake, alert and energised.

Below are other well-known impacts and risks associated with the use of speed.

  • Unusual energy level often manifested by being talkative.
  • The high the drug produces energizes people to chat, club and be on the move for many hours without needing sleep or rest.
  • It has the ability to make someone extremely active, worked up or even acutely psychotic (this is a mental condition when you see or hear things that seem real but does not really exist and have hallucinations).
  • The intoxication is usually followed by a long gradual comedown, making you so irascible and depressed.
  • Speed causes strain on the heart thus one risks heart problems - and it has resulted to deaths if taken in high quantities.

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The Consequences Of Using Speed According To Drug Rehab Somerset

Those using speed get a high that makes them extra sensitive, wide awake and pumped up; they also may become jittery and violent.

Other Causes of Speed

  • Introverts can talk and lose their inhibitions when taking speed.
  • Those who perform in clubs use it for the reason that it enables them to be energised and dance without fatigue and tiresome for hours.
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • Some people become testy, fearful and even delusional when taking speed.

The Risks In Taking Speed According To Drug Rehab Somerset

Speed use comes about with some risks.

It is very important to take note of the following health and life risks when taking speed

  • Lack of sleep will result depending on the dosage taken.
  • The aftermath of the excitatory phase which takes a few days, users experience depression and are usually very weariness, making it hard to focus and comprehend.
  • Just like any other stimulants, speed overworks the heart making it more susceptible to failure or irregularity.
  • Combining speed with anti-depressants or alcohol has been generally accepted to be deadly.
  • Using excessive amounts of speed, together with its influence on diet and sleep, can damage your immune system - so there's a possibility of getting more chills, flu, and sore throats. Speed can result in agitation, depression, irritability, aggression and paranoia; as well as mental illness, even to acute psychotic episodes ( this is a mental condition when you see or hear things that seem real but does not really exist and have delusions).
  • Injecting speed is extremely hazardous.
  • Injection increases the chances for overdosing significantly.
  • Given that this is not actually the cleanest form of amphetamine (in contrast to ice), you are risking the chance of getting other substances in every dose.
  • Injecting can also bring injuries to veins and arteries and may bring ulcers and even gangrene (that's when parts of the body begin to die).
  • Infections like Viral hepatitis and HIV / AIDS can be spread by patients using same needles, syringes or some other injecting tools.