Over The Counter Drugs Addiction and Abuse in Somerset Somerset

Knowledge Of Over The Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter medicines also known as pain relievers can cause an addiction. It may also be dangerous than those drugs down the road.

Drugs that can be acquired without a doctor's prescription in pharmacies and other stores are referred to as over the counter drugs.

If used in the correct doses, these drugs are usually safe. Like unlawful and physician prescribed drugs, they can likewise be misused. OTC drugs present a danger for creating a dependency, even though they are much milder than other drugs.

Cardiac problems, loss of memory, kidney failure and even death has been known to arise due to abuse of OTC drugs.

OTC drugs that are known to be abused include

  • Cough medicines (Dextromethorphan, or DXM)
  • Medications for colds (Pseudoephedrine)
  • Tablets for treating motion sickness
  • Medicines for alleviating pain

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Abuse Of Otc Drugs

The medical purpose of over the counter drugs usually includes treatment of motion sickness and mild pain. One of the main purposes of OTC drug abuse is to get a little peace or rest when one is experiencing anxiety issue or depression.

Some OTC drugs produce a high and because of that they are frequently abused. Drug abuse is the use of a drug for a purpose for which it wasn't intended. A person that abuses OTC drugs might start looking for stronger effects and begin to use more risky or illegal drugs.

Dextromethorphan Or Dxm Cough Medicines

When taken in larger doses, cough medicines can lead to severe high and delusions. Easy accessibility to medicines used for treating cough is the number one reason why young people use them to get a high. Cough medicines, when taken in large dose, will result in vomiting, rapid heartbeat, blurry sight, shaking, and even worse, brain damage. In case you are finding to overcome your addiction to OTC drugs or someone you love abuses them but wants to stop, you can count on us for best assistance.

Cold Medicines Including Pseudoephedrine

Pseudoephedrine is an active substance in cold medicines. It is also a stimulant that might cause sleepiness or hunger. Many people consume a large dose of pseudoephedrine to get the hallucinations effect or to feel high. Methamphetamine and other illegal substances are also made of Pseudoephedrine. Health risks associated with pseudoephedrine abuse include dizziness, fast, slow, or unusual heart beat, breath shortness, tremors, and elevated blood pressure.

Motion Sickness Pills Such As Dimenhydrinate

Vertigo and motion sickness are commonly treated using Dimenhydrinate. In high measurements, the medication can bring about fantasies, ringing in the ears, sickness, sporadic pulse, seizures, sleep like state and even death. The high caused by this drug is why it's commonly misused.

Acetaminophen For Pain Relieving

Tylenol and other pain relievers have Acetaminophen as one of their ingredients. If it is abused in a long run, it will cause serious damage in the body like permanent liver damage. Opposite symptoms of acetaminophen misuse incorporate the diarrhoea, sweating, queasiness and stomach aches. The pain relief brought on by acetaminophen is why people take this drug. So, many people abuse acetaminophen to kill severe pain in their body.

Otc Drug Dependency

After some time, even the casual OTC drug use can alter the person's brain chemistry. Tolerance will sooner or later set in and the user will require a lot more of the drug to feel it's effects. There may also be withdrawal symptoms if an addict stops taking the over the counter medicine.

Usually, OTC drugs withdrawal side effects are

  • Entering a confused state
  • Resentment
  • Panicking
  • Sudden changes in mood

It's not easy to tell if a person is addicted to over the counter drugs. The general perception is that OTC medications are less dangerous than illegal drugs such as Heroin. A lot of friends and family members of OTC drugs addicts aren't sure how to determine if their loved ones are abusing these drugs since they aren't really regarded as addictive.

One of the main obvious sign of OTC drug addiction is when one keeps consuming the drugs and ignoring the risk. Another sign is when one spends a lot of time and money to get the drug. Addiction is usually determined using 11 criteria

Otc Drug Abuse Facts And Figures

Treatment For Otc Drug Addiction

There are a variety of treatments available for people addicted to OTC drugs. Psychotherapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mental health counselling and group and individual therapies are all treatment programs that are highly efficient.

With help of a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment, inpatient or outpatient, an addict can give up his or her addiction forever. Addicts can greatly decrease chances of relapse if they sign up for a drug rehab program.

Use The Resources To Kick Your Dependency

It may be a challenging experience but it's not impossible to get over addiction to over the counter drugs. Inpatient sedative treatment programs give recuperating addicts 24-hour therapeutic care, while those in outpatient projects can visit indicated treatment centres while keeping their home lives in place. Going to a 12-stage group like Narcotics Anonymous can give group and support to help with enduring recuperation.