Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Somerset Somerset

Abuse And Dependence To Ketamine

Habit Of Using Ketamine

Many young people at clubs and raves abuse Ketamine, which is a psychoactive drug. The drug is also known to be both an animal and human tranquilizer.

Because of the dependency or habit of using these drugs, people totally become segregated from their environment and they become unable to live a typical life.

When deep in Ketamine addiction, addicts experience impaired cognitive functions as well as memory and speech problems.

Ketamine addiction symptoms include

It is hard to overcome Ketamine addiction without help from an expert. The chemical variations in the brain render it almost impossible to stop no matter how much one may want to end the habit.

  • Taking more and more
  • Concerned about the next dose
  • Using more money
  • Irresponsible with important issues
  • Developing resistance and requiring more
  • Ignoring family and friends

For a person to recover from Ketamine addiction, it is important that they seek the help of a health professional. The treatment can balance out the brain chemicals, which make it easy to start a mental recovery process.

What Is Ketamine

Ketamine which has street names of Vitamin K, Special K, Cat Valium, Kit Kat, or Dorothy is an anaesthetic abused by people for recreational purposes. It is mostly used by youths in clubs.

Ketamine is a schedule III controlled substance, sold as Ketalar which is the same classification as Codeine and Anabolic steroids.

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Schedule III drugs can prompt to physical reliance as well as mental reliance.

The user keeps increasing quantities as they chase the initial high because Ketamine has a short-lived high and users quickly build a resistance.

Using Ketamine without a doctor's prescription is illegal.

Produced in liquid form, Ketamine can be used as an injection; as an off-white or white powder, snorted; or it can also be used as a pill. Being colourless and odourless, the drug has largely been used in beverages to render rape victims helpless.

Ketamine Misuse And Effects

This dissociative hallucinogenic anaesthetic makes the user feel dizzy and body buzzing which results in relaxation. Typically, the feeling lasts for less than 60 minutes. The "K-Hole" effect is a strong aftermath that makes consumers feel completely disconnected from the real world and is only reached by users who directly inject large doses of Ketamine.

Accidents and possibly fatal injuries may occur when a person is under the influence of this drug since numbness may also be caused by the drug's anaesthetic properties.

its not easy to tell how much of the drug will be too much since the drug is known to be unpredictable. Overdose is a possibility no matter the amount of substance consumed, particularly if it is mixed with another drug or alcohol. Being a tranquilizer, a user can completely lose mobility. Most of the people who've died from Ketamine overdose, died as a result of respiratory failure.

Regular Ketamine Drug Mixtures

Very often, users take Ketamine along with other drugs, and this mixing of drugs results in more severe side effects of Ketamine. Versatile presentations of Ketamine make it easy to add to other abuse drugs as alcohol, marijuana or psychedelics. Ketamine is a depressant in nature and therefore, it can be lethal when mixed with other depressants or alcohol.

Dramatic decrease of heart rate and the respiratory system can be caused if Ketamine is mixed with other depressant drugs.

Ketamine can be consolidated and squeezed into a tablet or capsule form with other powdered medication like MDMA (Ecstasy). Ketamine and MDMA can be hazardous when mixing them together because Ketamine is a depressant and MDMA is a stimulant. Ketamine is also commonly combined with several other drugs, namely DMT, LSD, and other psychedelics.